New Web Site

Well, there’s not been too much photography going on for the last couple of weeks because I’ve been rewriting my website. I decided the WYSIWYG package that I’d originally used was too limiting so decided to learn, html, css, php and javascript and rewrite the web site and restyle it at the same time. Somewhat surprisingly it was actually easier to hand write the web site rather than fight with the vagaries and limitations of the WYSIWYG package. But then it’s often the case that one can say something is far easier with the benefit of hindsight and knowledge gained from following a more difficult path.

I think that that is a general truism about life. It’s often easy to look back and think I wished I’d taken a different route to get to where I am, a route that was more direct and wasted less time. But it’s often the torturous route you’ve taken that has brought you to the enlightened position you’re now in. I suppose what I’m saying in a rather Zen sort of way is that the purpose of life is not the destination but the journey taken to get there.

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