Unexpectedly I spent a few days in Valletta. I have to say I had great hopes of quaint villages full of character. I was a bit disappointed that it generally didn’t live up to those expectations. Although to be fair if you keep to the south west you have a good chance of finding places like that. The north and east is quite breath taking built up and mostly not in a good way.

The Grand Master's Palace

This is one of the corridors in the grand master’s palace. Lots of suits of armour, to the point where I’m not sure they know quite what to do with them all!

Naxxar Church

Many of the churches on Malta, being catholic, are complete bling fests. This one in Naxxar was really tasteful, I wouldn’t quite call it understated but it was very beautiful in parts.

Naxxar Church Dome

The same church and a view of the inside of the dome, quite stunning.

St. John's Co-Cathedral
One of many cherubs in St. John’s cathedral in Valletta


Rather more my style, even if it is just a weed growing out of a wall.


I rather liked this, partly because of the seclusion and sense of peace in the courtyard.