Winter Wonderland

I’ve finally posted the images I took in the snow. It was -13 degrees C when I walked to work in the morning, so all the trees were covered in the most amazing hoar frost. That coupled with the bright blue sky made for an absolutely beautiful, if rather cold, walk.

Winter Wonderland 3

Winter Wonderland 1

Winter Wonderland 2

A Coastal Visit

A variety of images. I think, as is so often the case, that I prefer the B&W images, although the blue sky and clouds are appealing. I also think I prefer the more abstract images.

I liked the reflections of the clouds in the wet sand and as much as I like B&W I do still love the contrast of white clouds against a blue sky.

Rocks and Sky
I do like this, the foreground interest of the rocks and pools does add to it.

I love the abstract imagery of this photo, it could almost be a sheet of textured metal.

And finally my favourite. This captures all that I love most about B&W photography and may well inspire a project.